Flea Treatment & Info

How To prepare for County Pest Control’s Flea Treatment Service

Fleas are very difficult to control without your help. The following is a checklist for you to use during and after the treatment process. Please review and complete the checklist before your treatment. We need your cooperation to control fleas.

Before your treatment

  1. Clear all carpeted floors (including closets) of all items that will prevent treatment.
  2. Wash or destroy all pet bedding. If you throw bedding away, put in sealable plastic bag and put into an outside trash receptacle.
  3. Wash all wood, tile and vinyl floors.
  4. Vacuum all carpets and rugs thoroughly.
  5. Vacuum everywhere your pets sleep and rest, including furniture, cracks in floor, draperies, window sills, appliances and counters.
  6. Vacuum furniture, even between and under cushions.
  7. Empty your vacuum into a plastic bag and put the plastic bag into an outside garbage can.
  8. Remove pets from home before treatment. Store or cover all pet food containers and bowls. Cover fish bowls or fish tanks.
  9. Have flea infested pets treated professionally at the same time your home is treated.
  10. Leave your home during service for about 2 hours to allow time for the chemicals to dry.

After your treatment

  1. DO NOT clean carpets or floors with detergents or cleaners for at least 2 weeks after the treatment.
  2. Vacuum daily for 2 weeks. Dispose of the vacuum bag after each vacuuming into a plastic bag and then to an outside garbage can.
  3. Expect if you have a severe infestation that we may need to do a follow up visit in 15 days. In most cases one treatment will do the job. Your County Pest Control technician can let you know what your situation may be.

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